Water Check


Water Check

Hydration is Key

SproutsIO reconnects you with your food by providing full transparency into the growing process. We only use 2% of the water compared to traditional growing methods which means the quality of your water is of the utmost importance.

In advance of the Summer 2018 delivery of your SproutsIO, we sent you a kit which enables you to check the suitability of your local water source for cultivation. Please follow the steps outlined in this kit before you grow Personal Produce™. For more detailed instructions, watch the video below.



Water Chemistry Matters

By performing the Water Check and determining if your tap water is suitable for growing, you are preparing to cultivate the best Personal Produce™ possible. Optimum water for hybrid hydroculture growing is characterized by moderate alkalinity and mineral content.

Moderately alkaline water maintains consistent pH levels, neutralizing the acidity of nutrients while maintaining their effectiveness and encouraging growth.

Plants also need a mix of elements to grow well. Moderately “hard” water includes the minerals your plants need without overloading which can hinder growth and flavor.




Alternative Water Sources

Did your water source not pass the check? No worries – a simple dilution process will make sure your tap water is within the Suitable range and ready to grow.


Step 1

Purchase 1 gallon of distilled water.


Step 2

Dilute your water by ½ by mixing 1 gallon tap water plus 1 gallon distilled water.


Step 3

Recheck your diluted water using the second Water Test Strip contained in your kit to confirm that it is within the suitable range.

Artboard 2 copy 3.png

Step 4

Pour water into the SproutsIO basin. Repeat this dilution process every time you refill water.


Additionally, there are several alternatives to tap water you can use to grow with SproutsIO. Below is a list of readily available brands which can serve as a replacement for your tap water. You will need to purchase 2 gallons of these waters to completely fill the basin.


Bottled Water Brands:

Gerber Pure Water (available at CVS)

Deer Park Water (Nestlé)




We are happy to assist with any questions you have about the Water Check process.

Please contact us at meristem@sprouts.io for further assistance.

We look forward to growing Personal Produce™ together.