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Mise en Plants

SproutsIO is an intelligent chef’s garden that’s always growing – enjoy year-round access to fresh, flavorful produce with a high performance system that scales to your needs. The culinary possibilities are endless.

Interested in using SproutsIO at your restaurant? We can work directly with you to develop a growing program that meets your menu planning needs. Contact our Tastemaker team to learn more about expanded seed offerings and custom installations.

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Superior Produce

Flavor is our  Focus

Develop signature flavor profiles by combining our high quality seed offerings with precision growing technology. With SproutsIO, you have unprecedented transparency and control over your garden.


Consistent yields from a wide range of produce


On-demand harvesting for better flavor and aesthetics

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Flexible & easy

Designed with Chefs in Mind

SproutsIO is a high performance system that is easy to use and can scale to any need. The SproutsIOGrow app provides access to your garden from anywhere, and thoughtful design means the system is efficient and easy to maintain.


Control multiple devices from the same mobile app


Dishwasher safe design for easy maintenance

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Hospitality opportunities

Experience Kitchen to Table Dining

Access to an intelligent chef’s garden creates unique opportunities for novel and engaging culinary experiences. Whether in front or back of house, SproutsIO adds flavor to the conversation. 

SproutsIO inspires creativity through exceptional ingredients and novel design. With Personal Produce™, there is no limit to what you can cultivate.

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Always growing

Tastemaker experiences

Serving Up Innovation 


Innovative fine Dining

Barbara Lynch Collective

Chef Barbara Lynch was interested in cultivating difficult-to-access produce for research and development at her flagship restaurants No. 9 Park and Menton.

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Consistency & Hospitality

Make It Nice

Rooted in the traditions of Make It Nice's Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad is always looking for opportunities to create new hospitality experiences.

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Competition Quality

Chef John Taube

Chef John Taube invited SproutsIO assist in growing beets for his signature dish “Squab and a Beet" for the  San Pellegrino Young Chef competition.

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Interactive experiences

Untitled // Union Square Hospitality Group

As part of Edible Brooklyn’s Food Loves Tech Innovation expo, we collaborated on an interactive installation with Chef Suzanne Cupps, executive chef of Untitled at the Whitney Museum. 

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Award-winning Flavor

The Modern // Union Square Hospitality Group

Tucked inside the acclaimed Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Modern incorporates Personal Produce™ into its two Michelin-starred dining experience.




“I am a huge fan of SproutsIO. It’s great to have easy access to beautiful produce in your kitchen.”

- Chef Barbara Lynch, Chef & Owner, Barbara Lynch Collective


“[Personal Produce™] is just a very different product. It’s sturdy and you can use the roots, so it’s a very different end result.”

- Chef Suzanne Cupps, Executive Chef, Untitled



“Having the SproutsIO in our kitchen makes it priceless in the sense that we can’t get this produce anywhere else. We grow it for ourselves specifically for our guests.”

- Chef John Taube, Senior Sous Chef, NoMad LA

“I can be at home at midnight and decide to amp up the light on the chervil.” To be able to grow tomatoes in no soil with so little water is amazing. And it grows a lot for its size.”

- CHEF ABRAM BISSELL, Executive Chef, The Modern


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