T. aestivum


Origin: Middle East

Organic Non-GMO Certified

Total Growth Cycle: 16 days

This offering will provide a steady and bountiful harvest of wheatgrass, which has a plethora of health benefits. Quick growing, these tall, deep green wheat sprouts are perfect for juicing!

Tasting Guide

Tasting is recommended from approximately 7 days onward, depending on your preference for size and flavor.

Growing Tips

This sIO is specially designed for fast growth and does not require additional nutrients.


You will likely not need to add water during this growth cycle, but feel free to check it and top it up around day 12. To water, simply pour tap water gently through the sIO until the water level reaches the fourth and highest tick mark on the right side basin window.


While your seeds are germinating, your white and blue LED lights will be on dimly. Once you remove the germination cover, all LEDs (red, white and blue) will turn on. The maximum time lights will be on is 16 hours per day.


Growing Timeline


*Must be advanced by the user by this time by removing germination cover

Green indicates period for tasting

Phase 1


In this phase your plant will receive continuous misting to begin dissolving the nutrients in the sIO and jumpstart germination. Be sure to keep the black humidity cover on during this phase.

Phase 2


When the majority of seeds have germinated, remove humidity cover and update app to transition to the Seedling growth phase. If germination occurs and the humidity cover is not removed within 6 days, the plant will die. If germination does not occur within 6 days contact support.

Phase 3


Sprouts expand and grow.

Phase 4


Your wheatgrass is ready to taste! If you are ready to harvest your wheatgrass, remove sIO disk from SproutsIO basin. Using scissors, cut the plants from the disk, cutting as close to the sIO top as possible. Record your harvest in the app.