Tom Thumb Pea

Pisum sativum


Origin: England

Organic Non-GMO Certified

Total Growth Cycle: 60 days

With a maximum height of 8-9 inches, these compact plants produce peas that are great for either shelling, or eating whole, as the pods are tender and sweet. The flowers are also edible, they are delicate and delicious. Perfect for a salad or snacking!

Tasting Guide

Tasting is recommended during flowering and then once ripe fruit begins to appear, from approximately day 40 onward.

Growing Tips

With larger seeds than many of our offerings, the Tom Thumb seeds are only placed roughly one per hole across the sIO, in contrast with our herb or green sIOs, on which seeds are spread across the entire surface. Be sure to keep the lamp head 6-8 inches above the leaf canopy as your Tom Thumb plant grows, as it is very susceptible to leaf burn.

Nutrient Refill(s): 1

When prompted to refill nutrients, pour measured nutrient packet into the basin, then add tap water gently through the sIO until it reaches the fourth tick mark. Nutrient addition will be prompted around day 35 of the growth cycle.


Expect to top up water about every two weeks once the plant reaches maturity. Your app will let you know when it is time for a water addition. When prompted to refill water, pour tap water gently through the sIO until the water level reaches the fourth and highest tick mark on the right side basin window.


While your seeds are germinating, your white and blue LED lights will be on dimly. Once you remove the germination cover, all LEDs (red, white and blue) will turn on. The maximum time lights will be on is 16 hours per day.


Growing Timeline

Tom Thumb.jpg

*Must be advanced by the user by this time by removing germination cover

Green indicates period for tasting

Phase 1


In this phase your plant will receive continuous misting to begin dissolving the nutrients in the sIO and jumpstart germination. Be sure to keep the black humidity cover on during this phase.

Phase 2


When the majority of the seeds have germinated, remove the black humidity cover and update app to transition to the Seedling phase. If germination occurs and the humidity cover is not removed within 6 days, the plant will die. If germination does not occur within 6 days contact support.

Phase 3


Cotyledons expand and grow, and true leaves are emerging.

Phase 4


Towards the end of this phase, you will receive prompts to check for flowers. Small green buds will appear and eventually blossom into white flowers, when you see the first of these white flowers, select “Yes” when the prompts asks if you have noticed flowers.

Phase 5


Keep an eye out for signs of fruit during this phase! The app will prompt you to look for fruit about 10 days after the first flower appears, once you see the first one, select “Yes” on the pompt within the app. Pea flowers are edible, give them a taste!

Phase 6


During this phase you will start to see the fruits begin to reach mature sizing, about 1inch long. Feel free to try your peas as they grow! They will be sweeter and more tender while they are smaller.

Note that during this time your plant may begin to thin and leaves may start to brown/yellow and some may even fall off. This is normal and because your plant is using its energy toward producing fruit rather than making new leaves.