The SproutsIO membership ensures that you are able to grow seamlessly and continuously so that you always have fresh produce on hand. Monthly billing makes it easy to grow on-demand. You can select sIOs in advance through the queue and they will automatically arrive as you finish each growth cycle, so you never have to wait to start a new crop!

How it Works

SproutsIO requires monthly membership per device. Membership includes access to unlimited sIOs and SproutsIOGrow service for $29/month. Membership fees are billed with SproutsIO activation. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Membership allows you to grow continuously so that you always have fresh produce on hand. Each sIO is made custom for you to insure freshness and quality.

Our system automatically generates an order for your next sIO when your current sIO is nearing maturity. This ensures that you receive it before refreshing your current plant, so that you have one on hand to grow right away.

If you refresh your plant prior to the mature phase, we will generate an order immediately for the shipment of the next sIO in your queue.

If you are still growing your current plant when you receive the new one, our sIOs are shelf stable for six weeks and just need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark location. Check the Plant By Date on the label of the sIO to confirm freshness.

Getting Started

There are three steps required to set up your membership.

  1. Fill out your “Profile” under the Account screen in the Settings menu. This will ensure that we have the correct shipping information to ensure timely delivery of your sIOs.
  2. Fill out your “Payment Information” under the Accounts screen in the Settings menu.
  3. Then head to “Membership” under the Account screen in the Settings menu. Select “Enroll Now” for the SproutsIO you would like to enroll.

Let’s grow!

Select the Personal Produce™ you would like to grow from our sIO menu! More detailed information on each (such as images of each stage, total growing cycle length, growing tips, and more) can be found by clicking on each sIO type.

Kickstarter Backers

For Kickstarter backers that have sIO’s pending from your initial pledge, these will be added to your balance and fulfilled prior to the monthly membership start.



Device Queue

Once enrolled, on the Membership screen you can select each of your devices queues with “View/Edit Queue”. Here you can view what is coming up next or you can “Quick Add” the sIO’s.

Queue Order

You can rearrange the order of your queue from the device queue screen by dragging and dropping each item in the menu. You can also remove a sIO from your queue. You cannot change the order or remove a sIO for which an order has already been generated.

Order History

You can view your order history from the device queue page. This section tells what you have grown in the past for each device, when it was delivered, and provides tracking information

Cancel Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time by heading to the “Membership” screen and selecting “Remove from Account” for the device you would like to cancel. When cancelling your membership it is necessary to refresh your device.