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We are here to help you grow - here are answers to common questions about SproutsIO. You’ll find helpful information about the SproutsIO system as well as setup, growing, and care.

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What is SproutsIO?

SproutsIO is a smart microgarden that makes it easy for anyone to cultivate fresh produce indoors, year-round, soil-free through an automated and transparent growing process.

SproutsIO integrates our growing device, sIO seed refills, and SproutsIOGrow software services for a growing experience that is intuitive, engaging, and fun.

Growing Device

The growing device provides what your plants need to grow and thrive. It is comprised of two main parts - the base and the basin.

The base features a lamp containing intelligent LED lighting to stimulate plant growth and share important notifications. The lamp also houses environmental sensors, WiFi components, and an onboard camera for remote monitoring. The lamp is attached an adjustable lamp arm which can be raised and lowered as your plants grow. The power cord and power switch are located on the back of the base.

The basin contains our proprietary hybrid hydroculture system. It holds up to two gallons of water, circulating it using an electronic mister and monitoring the growing environment with a suite of sensors. The basin is removable and can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

sIO Seed Refills

sIO seed refills contain everything you need to start growing - organic, non-GMO seeds; soil-free growing media; and naturally derived nutrients. These elements are housed inside of a plant-based bioplastic shell. Each sIO seed refill is usable for one grow cycle and can be industrially composted.

Order sIOs from our website or in-app for on-demand delivery. Your sIOs should be kept inside of their packaging and stored in a cool, dark place when not in use. When ready to plant, follow the instructions in the SproutsIOGrow app.

SproutsIOGrow Mobile Application

The SproutsIOGrow app give you access to our software services, allowing you remotely control and monitor your SproutsIO from anywhere. Follow instructions in the SproutsIO app to add devices to your garden, plant sIO seed refills, and harvest Personal Produce™. The app will prompt you if any interactions with the device are necessary. For best results, enable push notifications on your mobile device.

SproutsIOGrow also contains helpful content tailored to you. From recipes tailored to your garden to instructional guides for every step of the growing process, explore the app to make the most of your SproutsIO experience.

The SproutsIOGrow app works on mobile devices and tablets only. You can download it from the Apple and Android app store.

What can I grow?

SproutsIO is designed to support a variety of plant life. You can cultivate a wide range of leafy greens, herbs, fruiting plants with the SproutsIO system.

Our sIO seed refill offerings continue to expand. Visit our marketplace in the SproutsIOGrow app to see what seeds are available.

Can I grow with multiple SproutsIO devices?

Yes! You can control any number of SproutsIO devices from the same mobile app. Add devices to your garden by clicking the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the app and following the instructions.

Can I grow multiple species at the same time?

Yes - we offer several sIOs containing a mix of seeds such as our Basil Bouquet or Mediterranean Herb Mix.

We only offer mixed sIOs with plant varieties that grow well together and have similar nutritional requirements and growth patterns. Plant varietals which are too dissimilar will compete with one another and hinder overall growth. To grow a wide range of Personal Produce™ simultaneously, we recommend adding additional devices to your garden.

Interested in a sIO we do not currently offer? Email us your suggestions at

Can I use my own seeds?

We do not recommend planting third party seeds in the SproutsIO system and do not offer “blank” sIO seed refills. We carefully and responsibly source our seeds from seed banks and specialty purveyors. Each seed is evaluated for quality and suitability for the SproutsIO system. Nutrients are tailored to the specific needs of each seed offering.

Seeds and nutrients are combined into our sIO seed refills through a precise and proprietary process. Growing profiles activated through our software services are also tailored to each seed varietal and continuously improved by our Research team and machine learning software.

These quality assurance processes ensure a sustainable supply chain and positive growing experience.

Growing with SproutsIO


What do I need to get started?

To start growing with SproutsIO you will need the following:

  • SproutsIO device
  • sIO seed refill
  • Apple or Android mobile device
  • SproutsIOGrow mobile application installed
  • WiFi network with internet access
  • Two gallons of suitable tap water

Follow steps in the SproutsIO instruction booklet and SproutsIOGrow mobile application add the device to your garden, connect the device to WiFi, and plant your sIO.

How do I add SproutsIO devices to my garden?

Open the SproutsIOGrow app and click the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will begin the process of adding a new device to your garden.

How often will I have to check on my SproutsIO?

SproutsIO is designed with busy people in mind. Setup is easy and maintenance requires little time and effort. Two gallons of water will last about 4 weeks after planting. Additional interactions will be prompted in the app throughout the grow cycle. We encourage that you regularly check-in via the SproutsIOGrow app for two reasons: 1) to ensure you do not miss any important notifications and 2) because it’s fun.

When should I harvest my produce?

We recommend enjoying your Personal Produce™ throughout the grow cycle.

Flavors change as your plants mature. Tasting and periodically harvesting enables you to experience your Personal Produce™ at different stages. The SproutsIOGrow app contains instructions on how to best harvest your produce depending on the type.

When you are ready for your final harvest, make sure to click the Complete Harvest button in the SproutsIOGrow app to end your grow cycle and order your next sIO.

How do I order another sIO?

Kickstarter sIO Fulfillment

As an early Kickstarter backer of SproutsIO, your system comes with one sIO in the box, and six sIO’s that can be selected via the sIO queue in the mobile application and shipped to you automatically. Once your six Kickstarter sIO’s have been fulfilled from your sIO Queue, you will be prompted to opt-in to the sIO subscription.

sIO Queue

In order to provide continuous access to fresh Personal Produce™, sIO’s are delivered on demand. Select up to sIO’s at a time, and each will be prepared and sent as the previous growth is nearing its end, or once you have “Refreshed” your system (whichever comes first).

A few weeks prior to the expected refresh of the current sIO, an order will be created and the sIO will be made. Once a sIO has begun to be prepared, a note will appear at the top of the sIO queue to let you know. At this point sIO orders cannot be changed.

If you refresh your device prior to the set refresh date, an order for your next sIO will be generated and prepared the same day. In this case, you will usually receive the next sIO 2-3 days following refresh.

The first step to receive your sIO’s is to fill in your Profile with your preferred contact and shipping information. This will enable us to ship your sIOs to the requested address. To complete your profile, simply visit the Settings screen in app, press the “Profile” button, and fill in the form. Press the "Update Profile" Button to finish.

The second step is to update your sIO Queue, accessible in the Settings screen by pressing the “sIO Ordering” button. Select the sIOs you want to grow in the order you would like to receive them and press the "Update sIO Queue" button to finish.

Both your Profile and sIO orders can be updated at any time if your address or Personal Produce™ preferences change, unless your next order is already being fulfilled.

sIO Queue with Multiple Units

The sIO queue works by creating orders for your account in general, it does not create orders specific to any device. Therefore, the best way to approach the sIO queue is to fill it out for both of your units and, upon receipt, plant each sIO in whichever device you chose to “Refresh”. Simply keep your queue filled with whichever offerings you are most interested in growing presently and you will receive them as you refresh each unit.

Happy growing!

I lost my instruction booklet containing my device barcode.

You can download a copy of the instruction booklet here.

Your SproutsIO device features the same barcode on a sticker found on the bottom side of the base. Remove the basin and turn the device on its side to scan this barcode as part of the setup process.

If both barcode stickers are missing or damaged, please contact for a replacement.

My SproutsIO will not connect to WiFi.

Make sure your WiFi router is powered on and connected to the internet. Confirm that your network name and pin are being entered correctly. Check if your device is plugged in and powered on. When searching for WiFi, your SproutsIO device’s indicator light should pulse blue. Place your device is range of your WiFi router for a strong signal.

Still having issues connecting your device to WiFi? Contact

My SproutsIO was connected to WiFi, but it is now disconnected.

SproutsIO will automatically attempt to reconnect to the WiFi network you last selected. If SproutsIO does not reconnect on its own, turn the device off using the switch on the back of the base. Wait one minute, then turn the system back on. The SproutsIOGrow app will confirm reconnection of WiFi.

Still having issues reconnecting your device to WiFi? Contact

My plants are not growing well.

Review the following checklists to ensure your device is set up properly and your sIO was planted correctly.

Setup Checklist

  • Device is plugged in and turned on
  • Device is connected to WiFi
  • Water level is at least 50%
  • Lamphead is 6”-8” above sIO
  • No outstanding notifications in SproutsIOGrow app

Planting Checklist

  • The side of the sIO with seeds is facing up when placed in the basin
  • Water was poured through the sIO, moistening the entire surface during the setup
  • Germination cover was removed based on in-app prompt
  • sIO was stored in a cool, dark place before planting

Resolve any outstanding items on this checklist and see if your plant begins to grow.

Still having issues growing? Please contact

Care & Maintenance

How do I clean and maintain my SproutsIO?

SproutsIO is designed for easy maintenance.

To clean the basin between grow cycles, drain excess water and wipe with a dry cloth.

For a more thorough cleaning, disassemble the basin. The beauty ring, aero ring, ramp ring, and bowl are dishwasher safe or can be washed by hand with soap and water. When finished, simply dry, reassemble, and start your next growth cycle.

The following components of your SproutsIO should not be placed in the dishwasher or submersed in water: sensor module, support ring, rods, base. Keep these components dry at all times, spot cleaning with a dry cloth if necessary.

To reassemble, screw the sensor module into the bowl of the basin to form a watertight seal. Reassemble the remaining parts, place the basin back on the base, and start your next grow cycle.

Where should I put my SproutsIO?

SproutsIO is designed for indoor use. Place it anywhere in your home where you would like access to fresh Personal Produce™. While each plant is different, optimal temperatures range from approximately 59 - 82°F (15 - 28°C). Average indoor temperature at 72°F (22C°) is a good baseline.

Is my tap water OK for growing with SproutsIO?

Most tap water is suitable for growing with SproutsIO. Optimum water for the SproutsIO system is characterized by moderate alkalinity and mineral content.

Occasionally tap water falls outside the suitable range of alkalinity and mineral content. In these cases, there are several alternative sources of water for your SproutsIO.

Concerned about growing with your local tap water? Contact and request a Water Check kit to test your water source’s suitability for growing with SproutsiO.

The lamp on my SproutsIO is pulsing with colored light. What does this mean?

The lamp on your SproutsIO delivers notifications related to connectivity and plant growth. To interpret these notifications, review the diagram here.


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How do I order a SproutsIO?

Let’s grow together! You can order a SproutsIO through our website or in the SproutsIOGrow mobile app.

Can I give SproutsIO as a gift?

Of course! SproutsIO comes with one sIO seed refill to start, but we recommend purchasing a gift certificate to cover the cost of additional sIOs.

Is SproutsIO available outside of the US?

While our international rollout is in progress, SproutsIO is currently available in the United States only.

What is the best way to stay up to date on SproutsIO?

Follow us on social media to join the conversation. Tag us using @SproutsIO and #PersonalProduce to be featured in our feed - bonus points for plant puns.

We also recommend joining our mailing list for behind the scenes updates and special offers. Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page.