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Welcome to the SproutsIO Community. Together we are making a positive impact through active participation – and we’re having fun while doing it. Join us experience the SproutsIO lifestyle and enjoy Personal Produce™. 


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Planting a Global Garden

SproutsIO Growers are cultivating Personal Produce™ across the US. Each device is a node within the SproutsIO network, functioning as one intelligent garden. This distributed system utilizes real-time sensor data to continually optimize performance. Every minute you grow is a step towards a smarter and more efficient food system.


SproutsIO never takes a day off. Each device collects 27 data points every 30 seconds, monitoring environmental conditions and plant health.

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More growing, less water. 2 gallons of tap water lasts one month with SproutsIO. That’s 2% of the water required by traditional growing methods.

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Reduce food waste with every grow cycle. Grow what you need, when you need it, with no need for harmful pesticides or synthetic byproducts.


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Our FAQ contains answers to common questions about SproutsIO. You’ll find helpful information about the SproutsIO system as well as setup, growing, and care.

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