IO Chats: Emilie Baltz


In the latest edition of IO Chats, our CEO Jennifer Broutin Farah sat down with food artist and technologist Emilie Baltz. Through her interactive, immersive works, Emilie acts as a sensory storyteller, using food, drink, and technology to invite participation and inspire discovery.

Broadcasting live from NewLab in Brooklyn, Emilie and Jennifer discussed early food memories, recent works, and the idea that people should be “vehicles of permission” for each other in order to enable new experiences.

Emilie also shared some of her favorite recipes with us live on the show. One was admittedly experimental, a recent salad featuring the unlikely combination of arugula, granola, and balsamic vinegar. Another was a time-tested family favorite, an almond tart recipe passed down for generations. Both recipes are a reflection of Emilie’s passion for food as well as her inspiring “never be afraid to try” approach to the creative process.

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learningRyan Durkin