Participate in Your Food


Food invites participation. We all take part in our food system through what we choose to eat and how we choose to eat it. Every decision we make about our food, no matter how small, ultimately has a widespread and lasting effect.

When we grow our own produce, we make a decision to actively participate in the food system which has a positive impact on our health, community, and environment. Through this participation we individually make an impact that collectively works towards transforming our world for the better.

Why Grow?


Growing offers the opportunity to connect with nature in a simple but profound way. You become closer to the origins of your food, taking greater care in its preparation and savoring every bite. When you nurture ingredients from seed, you simply appreciate them more.

Tending to a garden has myriad health benefits. Fresh fruits and vegetables picked at peak ripeness taste better and have higher nutrient content since produce loses about 30% of its nutrients within three days of harvesting. Growers also report reduced stress and feelings of reward from cultivating their own produce. That could be why gardeners tend to have healthier diets overall featuring more nutritious fruits and vegetables than non-growers.

In addition to benefiting you, participation in the growing process has a positive effect on the environment, helping to reduce our dependence on a wasteful commercial food system. Produce on average travels about 1500 miles in its lifetime, resulting in 0.18 pounds of CO² into the atmosphere for every pound of food. The supply chain is shockingly wasteful, with half of all food in the U.S. being discarded from farm to fork. By cultivating produce at home, we can greatly reduce the harmful impact that industrial agriculture has on our planet.

Growing produce is important because it fosters an active ecology between people, plants and all of the processes essential to the two such as water and energy. The spirit of the gardener extends beyond growing plants; it represents the ability to thoughtfully nurture and participate in the world around you.

Taking the First Step


It can be challenging to take the first step from passively participating in the food system to taking an active role. That is why we created the SproutsIO smart microgarden: to empower participation in the process of growing your own Personal Produce™ and contribute to a community of growers collectively making a positive impact on the world.

SproutsIO’s thoughtful design removes the barriers the average person faces when growing their own food. Regardless of how much gardening experience you have, how long your growing season is, or how much space you have available, you can start growing your own produce in minutes.

Setup is simple: insert one of our sIO seed refills into the microgarden, add water, and set up your SproutsIOGrow app. Everything the plant needs will then be provided by the system, optimizing for the particular seed you choose. In no time you will begin seeing your produce grow.

SproutsIO also enables you to grow produce based on your personal preferences. Personal Produce™ is grown in system according to settings you customize, automatically making micro-adjustments to the growing environment. Enjoy a more savory tomato? Or more peppery arugula? SproutsIO allows you to steer your produce towards your preferred flavor profile.

We designed SproutsIO for sustainability. SproutsIO provides source transparency and conserves resources in food cultivation, using only 2% of the water and 40% of the nutrients compared to traditional soil methods. With greater efficiency in growth density in half the time, refrigeration is no longer necessary as SproutsIO provides fresh produce at peak ripeness.

In addition to positively impacting you personally, SproutsIO growers as a community make an important collective impact. Each SproutsIO smart garden is a node within the SproutsIO network, creating a distributed gardening system that can be leveraged for performance metrics, analytics, and predictions, maximizing efficiency and improving over time.

Participation Matters


Involvement through incremental change is most disruptive when scaled. A SproutsIO microgarden may appear small at first glance, but when millions of us grow together, we change our dependence on industrial agriculture, repositioning ourselves from the end of the supply chain to the center of the food cycle.

SproutsIO enables you to contribute directly to the food that you eat, using digital and physical technologies as a new lens into the ecology of growing. Our holistic growing system reconnects you with your food by enabling control of the inputs and outputs of the produce you grow and enjoy.

The more we participate in food culture, the more likely we are to make informed food choices in the future. SproutsIO makes a deeper connection with food possible, creating a new, healthy lifestyle through Personal Produce™.

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