Sharing Personal Produce™ at Food Loves Tech


It was a pleasure participating in the Food Loves Tech innovation expo this month. Edible, VaynerMedia, and Irwin Adam created a unique and inspiring event that fostered fresh conversation about the future of food and technology. We enjoyed introducing attendees to SproutsIO and showcasing the Personal Produce™ lifestyle through our interactive installation.


Our partners in preparation for Food Loves Tech were our friends at SapientNitro Boston. We collaborated closely on the design of our installation, from brainstorming and prototyping to videography and construction. Our booth featured a projection-mapped video countertop that showed visitors how to set up, maintain, harvest, and enjoy SproutsIO, giving them a firsthand perspective on Personal Produce™.


In addition to thousands of curious visitors, Food Loves Tech also hosted influential people in the food and technology space. Our CEO Jennifer Farah sat down with chef Richie Farina to discuss how to transform our food system during one of Food Loves Tech’s “Gardenside Chats.” Acclaimed chef and humanitarian Jose Andres also visited our booth after speaking on the importance of clean cookstoves to global health.


We had a great time making new friends at Food Loves Tech. Weren’t able to attend? No worries, we plan to visit more cities soon.

growingRyan Durkin