The Future is Growing

We’ve been out of touch with what we eat—it’s time for that to change. With the SproutsIO smart microgarden, you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables indoors, year-round, using an app-controlled system that learns from you. No matter where you live or how much gardening experience you have, SproutsIO makes the process of growing food pleasurable and rewarding.  

About Us

Our technology is developed in-house by a passionate team of experts that believes technology should bring us closer to our food and invite participation. We care deeply about the quality of our product, your experience, and your produce, putting our diverse skills and natural curiosity to work in order to make Personal Produce™ a reality.


The Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Jennifer Farah

Plant Lab Technician

Regan McLaughlin

Co-founder & COO

Kamal Farah

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Software Product Manager

William McCartney

Digital Marketing Manager

Ryan Durkin