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Meet SproutsIO

The SproutsIO smart microgarden is an indoor gardening system that learns from you. Grow indoors, year-round, soil-free, controlling the entire process from your mobile device.

Our high performance growing system is designed to fit in any kitchen and scale to your needs. Regardless of where you live or how much experience you have, SproutsIO makes it easy for you to grow your own Personal Produce™.

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Growing with SproutsIO

SproutsIO makes cultivating your own Personal Produce™ a pleasure. The system is thoughtfully designed for a simple and engaging growing experience.



Getting started with SproutsIO is easy. Simply plug in the device, connect your SproutsIOGrow app, insert a sIO seed refill, and add water


Everything your plant needs is provided by the SproutsIO smart microgarden. Light, irrigation, and nutrients are tailored for each seed varietal.


When your Personal Produce™ is ready, simply harvest and enjoy in good company. Then order a new sIO from the SproutsIOGrow app and keep growing.


Grow Anywhere

Regional, seasonal, and heirloom varietals are now possible any time, any place – from home living spaces to professional kitchens. Our high performance system scales to your needs.


Flavorful Homegrown Ingredients

SproutsIO makes it easy to prepare delicious home-cooked meals with the freshest ingredients. Regardless of your gardening experience or local climate, you can cultivate your favorite produce year-round.

Endless Culinary Possibilities

Our category-defining indoor growing system is chef-tested, allowing culinary professionals to cultivate extraordinary produce, advance gastronomic development, and explore new formats for hospitality.


Efficiency & Value

SproutsIO offers tremendous value for its growers. From its highly efficient technology to meaningful harvest yields, SproutsIO can fit easily into your lifestyle.


Indoor Cultivation

Grow produce where you live, work, and play without worrying about about inclement weather.


Our proprietary hybrid hydroculture technology combines hydroponics and aeroponics for easy growing.

Efficient & Sustainable

Requires only 2% of the water and 40% of the nutrients compared to soil growing, using half the power of your laptop.


Easy & Rewarding

Manage the entire growing process from anywhere via your mobile phone, no green thumb required.

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Year-Round Harvests

Enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables any time of year, harvested at peak freshness and flavor.



SproutsIO pays for itself in less than 1 year, cultivating meaningful quantities of produce for half the cost of premium store-bought fruits and vegetables.



Personal Produce™ is grown to your taste according to settings you customize through the SproutsIOGrow mobile application.



Our system optimizes for each plant you grow, cultivating delicious produce 2-3 times faster than traditional methods.


Get Growing

SproutsIO makes a deeper connection with food possible through Personal Produce™. Learn more about the SproutsIO system below.


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