Reconnect with Your Food

Experience a new approach to gardening focused on what you enjoy. Cultivate Personal Produce™ with SproutsIO, an automated indoor growing system.

With SproutsIO you’re always growing. Enjoy the benefits of year-round, continuous access to delicious fruits and vegetables cultivated to your taste. Develop flavors that delight your senses and inspire your creativity.

Let's grow together.

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always growing


smart & automated

Your relationship to food is now closer than ever.

The SproutsIO system ensures that you are always growing. SproutsIO utilizes machine learning technology and proprietary growing profiles to optimize for the seeds you choose and care for your plants automatically.

Software services enable you to participate in the growing process. The SproutsIOGrow mobile app keeps you connected to your garden from anywhere through intuitive controls, real-time sensor reports, and camera feed.

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SproutsIO Device

Holistic growing system designed for rapid cultivation, dishwasher-safe maintenance, and resource efficiency.

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sIO Seed Refill

Delivered on-demand including everything you need to grow – seeds, media, and nutrients.



Mobile application enabling real-time control of every SproutsIO device in your garden.

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Easy Setup

No Green Thumb Required

Setting up your SproutsIO takes about five minutes. Simply scan your sIO, add water, and you are already growing.

With SproutsIO anyone can experience the pleasures of gardening. Regardless of your experience, climate, or schedule, you can enjoy Personal Produce™.

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Tasteful Technology

SproutsIO is thoughtfully designed for rapid cultivation, easy maintenance, and resource efficiency. No green thumb required – just water and WiFi.

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The hybrid hydroculture basin combines hydroponic and aeroponic technology for rapid cultivation, no soil required.

Hybrid hydroculture Combines hydroponic and aeroponic technology for rapid cultivation

SproutsIO requires half of the power of a laptop, 2% of the water, and 40% of the nutrients required by soil-based growing.

Uses half of the power of an incandescent bulb and 2% of the water required by soil growing


Personal Produce™

Cultivate Your Flavor

By utilizing hybrid hydroculture technology and machine learning software, SproutsIO cultivates Personal Produce™ – fruits and vegetables grown to your taste.

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Choose from a wide range of non-GMO, organic-certified varietals of leafy greens, herbs, fruiting plants, and root vegetables.

Choose from a wide range of non-GMO, organic-certified seed varietals

SproutsIO provides access to your plants at all stages, from microgreens to mature leafy greens. Enjoy when you choose.

Enjoy better quality and diversity of produce for less than half the cost of store-purchased



Mise en Plants

SproutsIO can scale to any need. Whether you live in an urban apartment or run a world-class restaurant kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of an intelligent indoor garden that’s always growing.

Our system is chef-tested in the world’s leading restaurants. Through our Tastemaker Program, we partner award-winning chefs with our category-defining growing technology to explore the culinary possibilities of Personal Produce™.

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Let's Grow Together